Thursday, 14 June 2012

Advice for those applying for TAPIF

To those of you thinking of applying to TAPIF, here are a few tips I think will help!

1. Start the application as early as possible! 
Try not to leave the application to the last minute because there are so many little things you need to include that may take you awhile to put together. For example: I had approached a professor for a reference but they were unable to do it because they were out of the country, so I had to get someone else instead. Having the leeway to get a different person and allow them enough time to write the reference was a life saver! 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the application is usually due in December/January (depending on where you're from) and at least in Australia this falls after university has finished for the year. The application is also due around the holiday period (Christmas/NewYear) which means a lot of people go away and things are closed which may make the application process more lengthy.

2. Write a great personal statement
Set yourself apart by making it clear that you're there to teach, as well as live in France. I'm sure quite a few people focus too much on living in France and how much they love the culture, the language and the people, but fail to give the teaching aspect of the program enough attention. Be different and address both; make it clear that you love France but that you also want to teach/see yourself doing teaching in the future and illustrate any relevant experience!

3. Get really used to waiting!
This is a lesson I have just learned myself and it was hard, but I think I finally have! Once you apply, you're going to have to wait until April (May/June for Australians) and it's going to really suck! But, don't worry! Everyone is waiting with you and nothing has gone wrong with your application... everything is how it should be!

I waited here a lot and this fed my daydreams of being accepted into the program and living in France until the real thing came along!

It seems daunting putting your application together and knowing so many other people are applying, not to mention potentially having to move to France away from your family and friends, but not applying for it is worse than applying for it and not getting it. Put yourself out there and do it. Thinking you can't do it or you won't get it, is rejecting yourself before the program has even had a chance to reject you!

Good luck everyone!


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