Saturday, 9 June 2012

The easiest way to use the Paris metro!

A few weeks before I was due to fly to Paris in 2010, I was excitedly looking at apps in the App Store hoping that I could find anything that would help me while I was abroad. Eventually, I came across an app that didn't look too flashy nor did it have any reviews, but it looked like it would be handy and it was FREE, so I downloaded it.

Little did I know that this app would become the number #1 thing that would make my time in Paris (and Europe) much, much easier!

The app I downloaded is called 'metrO' and provides public transport journey planners for cities (400 to be exact!) all across the world. How it works is once you've downloaded the cities you're travelling in, you choose the metro station you're starting at and then your desired destination. You can then choose the day and time you wish to travel.  It will then give you a route, telling you what line to take and what stops to get off at, as well as an estimation of how long it's going to take. 

Look below for an example:

Journey starting at Barbès-Rochechouart métro station and ending at Trocadéro metro station.

A major plus for this app was that I never had to carry around a map and figure out Paris' extensive metro network. It also meant that no one could tell I was a tourist and I was really able to blend in with the other Parisian commuters!

Another major plus was that even if I didn't know what stop to get off at to arrive at a certain destination, the app has a snazzy 'places of interest' tool. It meant that I could just write 'Eiffel Tower' or 'Galeries Lafayette' or 'airport' and it would show me how to get there. Amazing! Not only did I use this app in Paris but I also used it extensively in Munich and it never let me down. I didn't get lost once!

Now, this app is something I wouldn't go traveling without. Get this app, all you travelers out there. You won't be sorry!

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