Monday, 9 July 2012

Teaching placement in Caudry!

I received an email on Friday night telling me that I've been placed at two colleges in Caudry! I'm so happy to finally find out where I'll be teaching for the next 7 months!

By train, Caudry is around an hour and half away from Lille.

As Caudry is quite far away from Lille, I'm trying to figure out where I want to live and whether or not commuting from Lille is even possible. It might be bearable if I only have to teach 2-3 days a week, but if I don't get a good schedule then it might be really difficult to commute. Hmm..

I've been looking at staying at nearby towns, the closest one being Cambrai which is around 20 minutes away. That prospect is not too appealing right now and even Douai and Valenciennes (which are more appealing because others assistants are there too) are about an hour away. Unfortunately, Caudry is really in the middle of nowhere!

The positive is that I'll be able to experience another side to France. From what I've seen and read, Caudry is a village set in quite a rural area. I'm sure this will do wonders for my French if I do end up living around Caudry or Cambrai.

Knowing my placement is just one more step towards arriving in France in September! Now, to wait for my arrêté de nomination!


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