Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's TAPIF application season!

I know a lot of you are preparing your applications for TAPIF right now and I just wanted to write a quick post to answer a few questions I've been getting and just to let you all know how it was for me this exact time last year!

First, please look at these posts if you haven't already seen them. I wrote these quite a few months ago, but I think a lot of you will find them super useful when it comes to your applications, or just to ease some of your concerns or fears.
  1. How do I choose my academie/region for TAPIF?
  2. Advice for those applying to TAPIF
And now a few quick words from me!

All I can really add is that you should just be yourself and write honestly why you think you would make a good assistant. I know this might sound stupid and obvious, but I know that there are quite a few of you who think you don't have a chance because you don't have lots of experience and don't have a high level of French. I really believe there's so much more to it and you have more to offer than you think!

Yes, experience is important, but what is also important is that your passion and enthusiasm for teaching and France come through. Remember that half of your time is spent teaching or preparing lessons (you do more hours at home, outside of the 12 hours at the school) so being able to show that teaching is something you take at least a bit seriously is crucial. If not that, at least be really interested in different cultures, and be happy (and prepared) to share yours.

It's important, at least in my experience and where I teach, to understand and not take for granted that you (as the assistant) will probably be the only person they will meet who speaks fluent English. I feel like we're in a position, especially in smaller, poorer towns to really get them to see the world as bigger than just their town and hopefully inspire them to want to go out and see it, even if they think there's no hope.

I hope that the posts above and this little spiel has helped you all at least a little bit!

Bonne chance tout le monde!


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