Monday, 7 December 2015

How can I get a job in France?

I get a lot of questions and emails from people who ask me how I was able to live and work in France. I got a job in France by applying for a position as an English language teaching assistant offered by the French Ministry of Education. Not only do they hire English language assistants, but Spanish, German and Arabic amongst others. To see if your country is open to the program, click here.

Unless you've got a European Union passport or have an existing job with a company who has overseas offices, getting a job in France is really difficult. This is why this program is so fantastic! It allows you to work in France for 7 months and lets you experience what life is like in France.

The teaching assistantship/TAPIF program is usually open to university students or recent graduates aged between 20-30 who have a good grasp of the French language and usually have some sort of interest in teaching in the future, but this is not absolutely essential. The role involves teaching your native language to students in primary schools or secondary schools, as well sharing your country's culture.

Criteria differs between countries, so please look below at your corresponding country for specific information. 

Applications are open RIGHT NOW but close pretty soon! So, if living and working in France sounds like something you would love to do.. apply now!


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