Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A year ago today!

I really can't believe it's been a whole year since the crazy France teaching adventure began! On October 1st last year, I was entering my school for the first time not as a student but a member of staff. I remember wondering how it was all going to work out. How it would be making friends with the other teachers, how I was going to figure out where my classrooms were, what the students would be like, what kind of teacher I would be, how I would learn everything about lesson planning and making lessons interesting and overcoming the language barrier. And the hardest of all; deciphering and remembering all my student's names!

And as it always does. It all worked out. Believe me when I tell you this- it will!

To think that I was in all your positions this exact time last year. Ahh what you all must be feeling! The feeling of nervousness that always comes when you know you're about to do something great. That great scary feeling of knowing that you're doing something that you'll remember forever.

I wish all current assistants and the future assistants reading my blog right now all the best of luck for the school year ahead!

P.S: You're probably about to or have already started the paperwork process in France. Here's how to do it (well some of it!)


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