Saturday, 16 March 2013

Let it snow!

The weather in northern France this week can be described in one word: crazy! The weather last week had tricked us all into a false sense of security. We had a few sunny days, temperatures in the double digits... spring was finally on its way in. But, the weather Gods had other things in store for us. Instead of spring, we got a snowstorm! Oh, the good ol' North.

One of the advantages of having such an insane amount of snow fall is that it completely shuts down everything. No one can drive, buses and trains don't run, basically getting anywhere is impossible and dangerous. This meant that I experienced not just one or two snow days, but THREE. No work at all this week for me! Quelle chance!

Putting our free time to good use, this Australian and a friend from Trinidad and Tobago made a snow woman. Both of us were obviously rookies: two girls from island nations who never see snow, which led to some very serious conversations. How many segments should her body be made of? Was her bottom too fat? Is her head round enough? Does she have more of a shoulder on the right than the left? I know... solving world peace right here guys. 

This is what we ended up with: a snow woman that was made of objects we found in my friend's apartment. A green wig (because who doesn't have that just lying around?), yellow sunglasses with the union jack printed on them, a red peg used as a mouth, a gold paper crown that came from who knows where and a scarf. Plus a random bucket to make her look stylish (because the wig just wasn't quite enough). I think she turned out pretty good, what do you think? 

Important question now, are you all ready? Is a snowman made out of two or three round segments? Answer in the comments below and help us break the impasse!

P.S: you know you want to say 2!


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