Sunday, 23 December 2012

Monschau, Germany!

When I got the opportunity to tag along with the German class on a school trip to Monschau, I jumped on it quicker than Carrie Bradshaw would get her butt to Manolo Blahnik if it appeared in the same sentence as the word 'sale.'

So, last Friday I went to Monschau for round two of Christmas market exploring. When we arrived I saw that it was a little town surrounded my mountains and it looked cute especially with the blanket of snow covering it. It was everywhere and made it look all the more Christmassy.

The highlight of the day was when we all tried to get up and down this mountain so that we could get a birds eye view of the town.  Everyone was slipping left, right and centre. Some people wore  the wrong footwear which was bad for them, but provided the laughs for everyone else watching them! After the climb, it was nice to get inside a restaurant and have a warm lunch.

The german teacher recommended that we all try the moutard (mustard) which he said is something that this town does particularly well. So, taking his advice I had some schnitzel which came with a big dollop of mustard and salad and fries. After lunch I had a few hours to explore. I found this more than enough time to look around and snack on more Christmas market food. I bought some printen which is kind of like a gingerbread biscuit but comes in all different types of flavours and some apple strudel.

So, what did I think? I've heard people say that smaller towns offer a more authentic experience when it comes to Christmas markets, but to be honest, I felt like Monschau was just a tourist town, with everything from the stores to food catering to them. There was nothing truly authentic about it. It was a nice day, but I think that there are much more authentic Christmas markets and quainter towns to visit than Monschau. That's my two cents worth. Moving on...

Tomorrow, I leave for Paris to start my Christmas holidays! I'll keep the rest of it a surprise, but make sure you come back and follow along on my travelling adventures! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! 


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